Escair Daffyd Rallysprint 1981

Escair Daffyd Rallysprint 1981

Untitled-16Untitled-15Untitled-14Untitled-13Untitled-12Untitled-11 Andy Dawson – Lancia StratosUntitled-10Untitled-9 Roger Clark – Ford Escort RS1800Untitled-8Untitled-7  Russell Brookes – Talbot Sunbeam – 3rd Untitled-6Untitled-5 Jimmy McCrea // Malcolm  Patrick – Opel

Untitled-4 Per Eklund – Toyota CelicaUntitled-3 Tim Brise – Ford Escort RS1800Untitled-2 Tony Pond – Vauxhall Chevette HSR – 1st









2 thoughts on “Escair Daffyd Rallysprint 1981

  1. Hi Robin
    Happy to see some more picts from the Chequered Flag Stratos. Do you have some more infos about the Stratos take part at the Pace Petroleum event 1981, sp. result.?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Jorg, can’t find any mention of the Stratos in the results, or any videos of it running? I assume it must have had mechanical problems during practise and didn’t start.

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