Rallying in the 1980’s


2 thoughts on “Rallying in the 1980’s

  1. Hi Robin
    I build (for myself) 1/43 scale rally cars.
    I’m looking for reference photos of Louise Aitken’s Fiesta ran by MCD during 1981.
    I see you have a couple on this site from the Manx
    Do you have any other photos or could you supply higher resolution of these?
    I look forward to your reply.
    All the best.
    Jim Bishop..

    • Hi Jim, thanks for your message. I’ve found the original files, these pictures were taken on my 1st camera and the prints scanned on an early machine, so they are not high resolution (or quality) but you are are welcome to them if you send me an email address for me to post them on. I don’t know if you know about MCD Rallying but it stands for Merseyside Car Deliveries who’s transporters were in the same red. Their MD was Geoff Fielding who set up the team to run his private G4 RS1800 which was car No13 driven by Roger Clark in the same Manx pictures. The team became independent the following year with the name Rally Engineering Developments, R.E.D. who I knew from my membership of Knutsford & District Motor Club, Cheshire. Good luck with the modelling.

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