Warbirds flying in 1980’s Airshows

RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – late 1980’s

anniversary set of the flight’s main aircraft produced by Airfix

016 File1811

Lancaster PA474 representing ED888 PM-M2 ‘Mike Squared’ which flew 140 missions, the most of any Lancaster. Seen here at West Malling in 1989           Hurricane IIc PZ865 File1939

Hurricane IIc PZ865 ‘The last of the many’. Between 1988–1992 PZ865 represented ‘RFU‘, of No. 303 Sqdn, flown by Sgt Josef Frantisek. Original pictured here at West Malling in 1989. I did see it fitted with the 4 bladed prop at a different event.


Spitfire IIa P7350 is the oldest airworthy spitfire and the only survivor to have fought in the battle of Britain, UO-T are the markings it carried when with 266 squadron at Wittering

Stephen Grey – The Fighter Collection

all modified standard kits

011P51D Mustang 463221 Stephen Grey #8


P51D  44-7319, Flown by Stephen Grey as Moose/Candyman 1981 to 86, Last flown here by the Old Flying Machine Co as 44-13704 ‘Ferocious Frankie’. Sold, MSO Air & Space Museum, Sivrihisar Air Park – Eskisehir Turkey, delivered Jan 2018005 (2)Spifire IX ML417 Stephen Grey #7

Spitfire LFIXc flown by Fighter Collection 1981-2004, pictured at North Weald in 1984 exported to US. Currently at ‘Planes of Fame’

004 (2)P40E Kittyhawk FR870 Stephen Grey #2

P40M Kittihawk III 43-5802, pictured at North Weald in 1985. Flown by Fighter Collection 1985-2005, now with the Hanger 11 collection, North Weald

001 (2)F8F Bearcat Stephen Grey #5

Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat 121714 / G-RUMM is the longest serving aircraft in The Fighter Collection fleet having been purchased by Stephen Grey in 1981. A highlight of the circuit ever since, she wore this eye catching “Red Rippers” scheme until 1998.File2001P47D Thunderbolt 'no guts no glory' Stephen Grey #1      P47D Thunderbolt 45-49192  ‘No guts no ‘glory. The fighter collection 1984-2002

Lindsay Walton

 F4U-1 Corsair 133722 Lindsey Walton #1F4U - 01

Vought F4U Corsair, Lindsey Walton, Duxford 1982-1993.
– Flown in Aeronavale livery as Bu. 133722/15F.22

Royal Navy Historic Flight

001 (3)Sworfish LS326 RNHF #2

Fairey Swordfish LS326 seen here at the 1984 Great Warbirds Air Display at West Malling

002 (3)Sea Hawk RNHF #2

Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 WV908, last flown in 2010. Now in storage at Shawbury, pictured at the Mildenhall air fete 85

003 (3) - Copy Firefly WB271 RNHF #03

Fairey Firefly AS5 WB271 pictured at Yeovilton in 1984. Destoyed in crash at Duxford flying legends 2003 killing crew, Bill Merton and Neil Rix.

004 (3) - CopySea Fury FB11 TF858 RNHF #1


Hawker Sea Fury FB11 TF956, taking of at the 1988 Fighter Meet at North Weald. lost in 1989, crew survived

005 (3)Sea Fury T20 WG655 RNHF #1

Hawker Sea Fury T20 WG655 was presented by the German government to the RNHF in 1976. Seen here at North Weald’s fighter meet ’85. It flew with them until 1990 when  it was badly damaged following an engine failure. It was restored to flight between 1993 and 2005 in California. Returned to the UK in 2009 it now flies with The Fighter Collection at Duxford and is pictured below at Flying Legends 2010



RAE Boscombe Down

003 Harvard IIB FT375

Harvard IIb FT375 seen at St Athan in 1984 used as a photo ship at Boscombe Down along with KF183 until 1996, then sold to Nucleo Acrobatico, Parma, Italy. With unknown owner since 2015

British Aerospace

 014DH Mosquito BAe #2

DH Mosquito TT3 RR299 flown by Bae 1984 to 1996 when it was destroyed in a fatal crash at the Barton Air display

2 thoughts on “Warbirds flying in 1980’s Airshows

  1. Hi Robin!
    Great models of a great time for airshows. I did nearly all of them between 1983 and 1993, and have many fond memories, especially of the West Malling Warbirds shows and the North Weald Fighter Meets. I’ve started a similar project myself, which initially will be all the participants of the 1983 Great Warbirds Air Display, but will then branch out to some other warbirds from the era. First ten models done, a lot more to go yet! Really enjoyed your blog!

    • Hi Steve
      thanks for your message, I have a few projects on the go but they are all on hold because when I built all those I was living alone and had them all over the house, Now I am not so will have to create a space for all my toys. My last build last year and was the diorama representing the combined film sets of ‘The Battle of Britain’ and ‘Allo allo’ and can be found on the Diorama page of this group

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