Aircraft – general

Blenhiem IV #1Camberra PR9 #1F16 Falcon #1Hudson PR #1Lightning F6 #1P51D Mustang 'Petie 2' #2SB2C Helldiver #3Vulcan Stirling Spitfire II P51B Mustang 'The Hun Hunter Texas' P48 Lightning 'Pudgy' Mitchell Lancaster Lanaster RAAF Hurricane IID Hurricane I Hudson PRU Helldiver F15 Eagle USAF F4G Wild Weasel USAFE F4F Turkey Defiant NFII Blackhawk B36 Peacemaker B17G Bit 'O Lace Apache a26 Invader Miss Mildred093 082 053 051 044 041 040 035 031 025 021 018 009 007 006 005 003005 (4)

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