Heller 1:400 HMS Victorious

Initial observations

Given the age and quality of the kit and the comments of some other builders who made superb models of HMS Illustrious this build is going to take a lot of scratch building and replacement detail parts. I’ve ordered the WEM PE kit, have the replacement boats from Shapeways [3d printed], and will get aircraft etc. from l’Arsenal. This will fix the built to after it’s 1943 refit. I did think about building it as it’s post war trials and training role as a tribute to the life of Captain ‘Winkle’ Brown with all his 1st’s for deck landings eg twin engined, tricycle undercarriage, jets, helicopters and his unbeatable record of number of types flown. [see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_flown_by_Eric_%22Winkle%22_Brown for the full list ] but that’s for later at a different scale.


002 004 The bow and stern sections as supplied, 1st to go are the misplaced and oversize forward searchlight platforms and the forward deck round-down.

Correction, after already removing the round down I’ve seen pictures of the Illustrious in the pacific with them still on so this will be a post-war trials and training version, maybe I should get another kit and build both at the same time. Just received WEM’s PE detail kit, looks superb


002 (2) 002 (3)

Bow as supplied                                                 New bow, round down and searchlight                                                                                    platforms removed


003 (2) 004 (2)

other views of the flatter flight deck


start of the focsle deck

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