Finningley 04-09-1982

2 thoughts on “Finningley 04-09-1982

  1. Thank you for posting these pictures – I came across the Finningley Air Show Programme for 1982 at home on the weekend when I was looking for something else in my study and sat down and went through it. It prompted me to look for pictures on line, as regretably I do not have any (anymore – having been lost over the years).

    I was 12 when I attended this air show with my Uncle Stuart (who lived in Leeds and sadly is now no longer with us) and my 10 years old sister. We were on a 8 week holiday in the UK with our mum and dad (my mum is from Leeds). We (still) live in Australia!

    This air show prompted a life long interest in the RAF and flying – and write this note to you from work, where I am the Manager Flight Dispatch (flight planning) for a major Australian Airline. Thank you Finningley!

    Kind regards,


  2. I’m amazed to see these pictures as they bring back so many memories. I was 8 when we went – me and some friends on a tour bus from Chesterfield. The Pucara, the ME, but most of all, the Vulcan. My pics are at my mums, but you have me wanting to upload them.

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