Mississippi River Trail 2 to 25-05-2012

30th April 2012 – Robin and Ian arrived in Minniapolis yesterday after a bumpy ride from Manchester with weather delays. A text¬† message from Pete and Paul told us they had reached St Louis and should be with us at 6-00pm tonight so we should still be on for the ride to start tomorrow. Brought the rain with us so far but the sun has just come out. Turns out the hotel owner comes from Wolverhampton and the uptown pub is run by a bloke from Wigan, ‘pie-eaters’ out here even

more tomorrow, pictures as well even

Day 1 – Headwaters Photoshoot 1st of all guys sorry for the gap in news, we had no wifi last night.

13 thoughts on “Mississippi River Trail 2 to 25-05-2012

  1. Morning Robin, Eun. Weather delays? Yes it was a bit rough here. Took two Marquee’s out on Sunday after the event on Sat Night. Hope all goes well will be following your adventure. Lets see some photo’s RD

  2. Looking forward to seeing some pictures, at least it isn’t only England getting rained on.
    ha ha

  3. Hello Peter and Team
    Good luck with your adventure, remember what we discussed, try not to deviate from plan. If you need any advice dont hesitate to contact me.


  4. Dear Uncle pete and Uncle paul
    we have been watching your blogs every day, and nan has printed them all.
    We hope your bikes are fixed now and have now more problems.
    I am missing you lots and we will keep watching daily.Hope the weather is sonny today.

    love from Gemma, Hannah and Charlotte xxxxxxxxox

  5. Dear Pete and Uncle Paul

    Hope your cycling is going well. Have seen the pictures of what you are doing, look’s good, hope the weather is better over there. Nan Val will keep track of your journey. Missing you lots, see you soon.

    Love Hannah xxxxx

  6. Looking as if you are having decent weather and great roads . Archie is here at the moment and we have been through all your pictures and we are very impressed at what you have done already, hope the rest of your journey goes really well . We will keep up to date with your progress ,we are all wishing the best for you . Good Luck , and God Bless ,Take care . Louisa, Roddie , and Archie .

  7. Keep up your good work , talked to Val she said Paul had to return to New Orleans ,sorry to hear that, hope he gets back soon, as it is so much easier with someone cycling beside you ,but if he doesn’t manage back just think of us all being there in spirit , not quite the same but better than nothing .We just wish we were as fit as you and could be there with you in person ,( ah! those were the days ) Take care God Bless Louisa and Roddie.

  8. Hi Pete
    Sorry that Paul has had to cut short his ride. Glad to hear that you now have someone else to share it with you. I bet that makes the hours go quicker. Some lovely photos posted. Keep those legs going – not too far now. Everyone here sends their love.


  9. Glad to see everything is going OK. Your doing very well, keep up the good work. Looks like you’ll need a beard trim when you get home I’ve just had mine done, thats me not Kay. Take care and all our best wishes. Kay & Keith

  10. A challenge you’ve coped with extremely well ,you must be feeling a great sense of achievement ,you are doing far more than we all had hoped ,just brilliant !Not that we felt you couldn’t get the job done but it really was a big ask that distance in that time ,
    We have felt that we have been with you all the way with the reports and pictures .
    So much easier on our legs ,and wrists !!!
    Meeting all those nice helpful people on route has been a real bonus ,You are obviously bringing out the best in people with your quest .

    We are proud of you . Louisa and Roddie .

  11. Hi Pete, and Robin, that was fun riding a little ways with you two today, and hearing some of your story. Best wishes for the rest of your trip.
    Elvis, New Orleans.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! The whole trip,pictures and comments have been wonderful .What an achievement I’m lost for words ( now that is something ) Enjoy the rest of your time there and safe journey home , will speak to you when you get back . Take care and God Bless Louisa and Roddie .

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