RAF Alconbury was opened in 1938 as a satellite field, 1st for RAF Upwood then RAF Wyton in 1939. It was occupied by No 15 squadron with Bristol Blenhiem bombers, returning to Wyton in mid 1940 to convert to Vickers Wellingtons after heavy losses. In Nov 1940 work construction work started to convert Alconbury to full operational status and 40 squadron moved in with it’s Wellingtons, becoming 156 squadron when most of 40 went to Malta

In August 1942 Alconbury was transferred to the USAAF and the Liberators of the (93rd Bombardment Group flew in in November. These were replaced by the B17’s of the 92nd BG in Jan 1943. They flew operations until Sept 1943 when it moved to RAF Poddington. Alconbury was not used for operation missions except for training missions after this until Aug 1943 when the 482nd Pathfinder group was activated. In Nov 1943 the ‘Operation Carpetbagger’ Liberators of the 36th and 406th Bombardment Squadrons started operations to support the French Resistance for the OSS. These were redesignated the 856th and 858th BS’s respectively. The 36th was then activated at Alconbury as a electronics countermeasures unit operating P38 Lightnings as well as it’s Liberators. Alconbury was also the flying facility for the RAF Abbots Rippon major maintenance base


During the 1980’s it was home to the 1st Tactical Reconnaissance squadron with their Phantom RF4C’s, the F5E’s  of the 527th Aggressor squadron and the TR1’s of the 95th Reconnaissance Wing. 2 squadrons of A10’s were assigned from Bentwaters in 1989

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